537 Jones Road
Granville, OH 43023

The Bryn Du Mansion and grounds comprise a fifty-two acre estate in Granville, Ohio. The property is managed by the Bryn Du Commission, a non-profit organization established by the Village of Granville. The organization follows a mission of historic preservation and providing program and event facilities for the benefit of the community.  For over a century the historic Bryn Du mansion has dominated the landscape on this hillside. A colorful history, as well as the legacy of the families that lived here, add to the rich environment and unique qualities of the property. What's a old mansion without its ghosts? Well, this Mansion has its fair share. Paranormal activity recorded here includes EVPs, voices, screams, light anomalies, object manipulation, physical interaction, and full body apparitions. Private and Public Ghost Hunts are available, but very limited. Friday and Saturday night hunts are available January through March only. Weeknight hunts may be set up April through December. The United Paranormal Project manages all ghost hunts and paranormal activities at the old mansion.

 The Bryn Du Mansion is heated and air conditioned.